Would you like to be a worship leader? Would you 
like to try it out and see how it feels? Pastor Mark is 
getting ready to make the worship leader schedule
for the second half of the year. This is a great time 
to get in the rotation or give it a try and see if you 
want to be a part of the worship leader rotation.
Pastor Mark welcomes people of all ages beginning 
with 3rd graders (who are proficient in reading). You 
can even do it with a partner if you would like. Pastor Mark will provide training for any 
new worship leaders. If you are not sure, but have questions, please talk to Pastor Mark. 
Please let him know if you are interested no later than May 31st. You can email him at 
pastormark@millikenpres.org, leave him a note on his desk, or call/text him at 
303-981-5673. Note: I tried to find a picture of a woman leading worship like this, but I am 
sorry to say, I could not find one. Of course women are welcome to be worship leaders